For Teams

Role ambiguity within teams is one of the biggest drains on productivity and morale. When the scope and boundaries of work are unclear, team members are likely to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and poised to turn on new job alerts from LinkedIn. Understanding and aligning team roles can make a Sisyphean mountain of work feel more like an energizing hike up a hill.
Tough, but doable.

This team exercise is designed to help members clarify the roles and responsibilities of all teammates, and clearly articulate what they need from others to be effective.

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Pro tip:

For less dependable teams, more clarification will accelerate team performance and increase engagement. On the flip side, highly dependable teams may find too much clarification to be stifling. Reflect on what kind of team yours is to determine how much clarification is actually needed. We encourage you to adapt and cherry pick the most useful elements according to what your specific team needs are.