How BOxD Helped Ellin & Tucker Transform Their Workplace Through Inclusive DEI Strategies

Ellin & Tucker, a regional public accounting firm, was committed to making meaningful progress in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), aiming to deeply integrate these principles into their workplace beyond mere compliance.


How BOxD Helped Ellin & Tucker Transform Their Workplace Through Inclusive DEI Strategies

Ellin & Tucker, a regional public accounting firm, was committed to making meaningful progress in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), aiming to deeply integrate these principles into their workplace beyond mere compliance.


The firm wanted a fully tailored roadmap that made sense for their size, business, current state, and culture without disregarding what was already working. Being a boutique, high-touch firm with intense busy periods, they knew they wouldn’t have unlimited resources to devote toward initiatives.

Other firms wanted to put them through programs that didn’t feel true to who they are. The company needed an expert who truly understood them to help meaningfully advance their DEI efforts as an integral part of their strategic plan. This approach was essential not only for the development of the firm but also as a personal and collective journey for the entire organization.


Through tailored data gathering, facilitated discussions, and strategic workshops, BOxD helped Ellin & Tucker’s senior leadership develop a fully tailored roadmap to guide their equity and inclusion efforts. BOxD directly supported the business strategy while taking into account its available resources and current readiness.

Ellin & Tucker, a regional public accounting firm based in the greater Baltimore-Washington area, has a workforce of about 120 employees across two offices. As a firm deeply embedded in a diverse urban environment, it serves a wide range of privately held businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Aileen Eskildsen, CEO of Ellin & Tucker, felt that integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) was a strategic priority for the firm, not just to meet benchmarks but to harness the full potential of their diverse workforce.

Recognizing that true inclusivity would drive better decision-making, foster innovation, and reflect the diverse markets they serve, Aileen was committed to embedding these values within the firm’s culture. This approach went beyond ticking compliance boxes, focusing instead on building a genuinely inclusive environment that enhances employee engagement and overall business performance.

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It’s really about the awareness and acceptance of everyone on our team. No matter where you are in your personal life or career, there’s always room to expand your awareness and acceptance of others.

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Aileen Eskildsen CEO of Ellin & Tucker

The Solution

Ellin & Tucker opted to partner with BOxD, a consultancy known for its comprehensive and tailored approach to DEI.

The decision to choose BOxD over other consultants stemmed from their distinctive methodology, which focused first on understanding the firm’s unique culture and objectives.

“The team at BOxD really spent time getting to know who we were, what we were trying to accomplish, and where we were already on the journey. That’s what you look for in a consultant. It’s not someone just providing you with the answers. It’s allowing someone to walk with you through the experience.”

This alignment with their core values was crucial, as Aileen stressed the importance of not just implementing DEI superficially but embedding it deeply within the firm’s operations.

The collaborative process began with an initial assessment phase. BOxD gathered data to gauge the current DEI landscape within the firm. This was accomplished through a series of thoughtfully designed surveys to collect insights on employee perceptions and experiences related to DEI.

BOxD then facilitated a series of small group discussions, allowing employees to express their views and experiences freely. Each of the groups was carefully designed to include a mix of perspectives in every session. This provided a richer, more detailed understanding of the existing DEI dynamics.

Based on the insights gained from the data-gathering phase, BOxD worked with Ellin & Tucker to develop a tailored roadmap for significant DEI advancement. This roadmap included targeted workshops, immersive training sessions, and systematic follow-up activities, all designed to address the specific needs and areas for improvement identified through the initial assessments.

The strategies were not only about addressing gaps but also leveraging the employees’ strengths. BOxD’s approach emphasized gradual implementation, allowing Ellin & Tucker to adapt to changes sustainably and organically. This ensured the DEI initiatives were not seen as external impositions but as integral parts of the firm’s evolution.

The Results

Very quickly, Aileen saw a notable increase in open conversations about sensitive topics, illustrating a growing comfort among employees in discussing diversity-related issues. This newfound openness not only enhanced internal communications but also positively influenced client interactions, allowing the firm to better serve a diverse clientele with greater empathy and understanding.

The initiative also led to enhanced team cohesion and deeper mutual respect among staff members. Employees gained a better understanding of each other’s backgrounds and perspectives. This translated into stronger, more empathetic professional relationships.

Employees also expressed a high level of satisfaction and personal growth. Many reported feeling more connected to their colleagues, understanding them on a deeper level than before the DEI training. This fostered a sense of community and shared purpose within the firm, enhancing employee morale and client satisfaction as teams worked more collaboratively and innovatively to meet client demands.

Overall, the partnership with BOxD enabled Ellin & Tucker to not only chart their path forward but also weave these principles more firmly into the fabric of their organizational culture, promoting an ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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The consultants from BOxD were not only knowledgeable but also exceptionally passionate and adept at fostering a sense of trust and openness among our team.

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Aileen Eskildsen CEO of Ellin & Tucker

Aileen appreciated how BOxD strategically identified aspects of the DEI initiatives that Ellin & Tucker could manage independently, empowering them to own their growth while reducing dependence on external consultants.

Nevertheless, BOxD made it clear they were readily available for the more substantial challenges, ensuring Ellin & Tucker felt supported throughout the more complex aspects of their DEI journey and beyond.

Aileen further noted the ongoing nature of the project, emphasizing that, “DEI is not a one-time fix but a continuous journey of improvement and understanding.” This approach solidified BOxD as the ideal partner, combining autonomy with expert guidance to facilitate sustainable progress.


  • Enhanced team cohesion and comfort with difficult conversations
  • Deeper mutual respect and understanding among staff members
  • Increased client satisfaction

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