Better Organizations by Design
Better Organizations by Design
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Avoid burnout amongst your personnel – how a misalignment in role expectations leads to “Franken-roles” and the quiet quitting epidemic

Aligning on role expectations is a great way to mitigate burnout and improve morale. Here’s how to shine a light on bloated roles to prevent quiet quitting before it starts.

Understanding why strategies fail – how to avoid the pitfalls that hold up progress

Most strategic plans fail. Why? Because people either don’t get it, don’t know about it, or they don’t care. Read on to learn how to take your strategy from “open mic guitar solo” to “symphony orchestra.”

How to spot a quiet quitting problem before it takes over – delivering more clarity to increase your personnel loyalty

“Quiet quitting” describes a workplace phenomenon where people set boundaries around their roles and stop doing the “extra” citizenship stuff around the office. Read on to learn what a leader should do about it.

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