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Hundreds of interesting, curated questions to get to know your teammates better and invest in your working relationship. Try our Question Generator

Better Organizations by Design
Better Organizations by Design
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Not just another vague opinion piece on “transparency”….

Just like a burger needs those crispy fries to hit the spot, transparency needs authenticity to truly shine. Why? Because it's not just about being an open book; it's about flipping through the pages with genuine intention. Let’s dive into the dynamic duo that fuels trust-inspiring leadership (Transparency & Authenticity) and the Four Fears that get in their way.

Tackling Dark Personality Traits in the Workplace

We each bring a unique mix of personality traits to the table, traits that shape how we interact with our teams, guide our leadership style, and consequently, steer the direction of our organizations, for better or worse. Learn about a group of personality traits known as The Dark Triad that have the potential to seriously impact our culture and team experiences.

Why office design isn’t about mid-century modern couches, unlimited coffee, or pinball machines

Let's explore how physical workspace design transcends aesthetics and impacts teams and their performance. This article features insights from physical and psychological facets of intentional design and draws lessons from unlikely sources like the Panopticon prison design. How are you reimagining workspaces?

What a 35 year-old shoebox taught me about culture and the power of rituals

Cultures are not built on declarations of values. They are shaped by people’s behaviors and the systems that drive those behaviors. Every organization has rituals, crafted intentionally or unintentionally, that reinforce their culture, relationships, and values. Let's explore the concept of rituals and how they can be a real game changer for any team or organization.

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