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Better Organizations by Design
Better Organizations by Design
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The Myth of Leadership Styles: Leading with Compassion and Adaptability

Have you ever wondered if there's one "right" way to lead? I’m sure you’ve read many think pieces on the “best” leadership styles, from the authoritarian to the collaborative. While these frameworks can offer valuable insights, it's crucial to remember that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all game. You must adapt your leadership style based on the situation.

New Beginnings: How We Grow and Change Together

When it comes to change, stories and narratives play a starring role in the success of the change. As leaders we have to be more than the decision makers of the change; we have to be storytellers who enable our people to see what's possible and how we'll get there together. This article outlines the 4 critical steps you should take as leaders to shepherd your people through change.

Decisions, Decisions: Leadership and Making Decisions on High Performing Teams

In the world of high-performing teams, decisions are the fuel that drives progress. But making the right decision isn't just about picking a direction; it’s about charting a course that drives the team towards success. Let’s dig into decision-making and its role in performance, change management, inclusion and equity, and culture.

Finding Meaning in the Metrics: Using Metrics for Good in Our Organizations

Sure, metrics are numbers with a job to do – tracking progress, spotting trends, and guiding decisions. But they're much more than just data points for quarterly reports. They're a building block of your organizational design, shaping behaviors, setting priorities, and ultimately determining whether you hit your target or end up with burnt toast.

From Family Tables to Office Desks: How Do You Create Belonging?

Belonging is more than presence at a gathering - it's feeling seen, understood, and valued. Let’s dig into how understanding identity, mitigating biases, and adopting ally-worthy behaviors engender greater belonging. See how small steps move us towards a healthier, empathetic organization.

As a Leader: To Make a Statement or Not?

In the ever-evolving, disruption-filled world, leaders often wrestle with the decision to speak out or remain silent when it comes to contentious or politically charged external issues. When do those statements reflect authenticity and transparency? And when do they become cringe-inducingly performative? Learn why the shift from statements to signals can make all the difference.

Not just another vague opinion piece on “transparency”….

Just like a burger needs those crispy fries to hit the spot, transparency needs authenticity to truly shine. Why? Because it's not just about being an open book; it's about flipping through the pages with genuine intention. Let’s dive into the dynamic duo that fuels trust-inspiring leadership (Transparency & Authenticity) and the Four Fears that get in their way.

Tackling Dark Personality Traits in the Workplace

We each bring a unique mix of personality traits to the table, traits that shape how we interact with our teams, guide our leadership style, and consequently, steer the direction of our organizations, for better or worse. Learn about a group of personality traits known as The Dark Triad that have the potential to seriously impact our culture and team experiences.

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