The Question Generator

Hundreds of interesting, curated questions to get to know your team better and deepen your working relationships

Here are some ideas for how to use these questions:

  • At the start of a meeting to warm up
  • During a team event or offsite
  • Over a team lunch or dinner
  • During a 1-on-1 to get to know each other better
  • As part of onboarding a new team member
  • For a new leader to help their team get to know them
  • With other teams, you work with and need to build relationships with
  • To spark introspection – Look for patterns across responses, including how you might react to others’ responses. What do the patterns tell you about yourself? Others?
  • Add a twist: Have each person write down their responses and take turns guessing who said it.

But don’t limit yourself! We’d love to hear other ways you’ve used this. Send them into