How BOxD Turned a Team of Leaders Into a Leadership Team

The leadership team of a global business needed to increase their level of team cohesion and alignment to effectively lead the business toward its growth goals.


How BOxD Turned a Team of Leaders Into a Leadership Team

The leadership team of a global business needed to increase their level of team cohesion and alignment to effectively lead the business toward its growth goals.


The company had individual leaders who were not working together as a unified team. Many leaders did not agree that there was a problem and were resistant to change.


The company’s leaders started working together better. Instead of a team of leaders, they became a leadership team, with increased levels of trust and alignment. They were then able to successfully execute on strategic initiatives to move the company forward.

Better Organizations by Design (BOxD) was approached by Charlene Davis*, an executive for a large global company. The company, which asked not to be named given its public status, employs over 14,000 employees worldwide and is a leader in its field.

The company had ambitious growth goals, none of which could be achieved by the different divisions working independently. However, Davis realized the leaders were not working as a team. They weren’t aligned on direction or focus and they lacked trust.

Davis saw emotional conversations instead of constructive collaborations. In general, there was too much dysfunction to be truly effective. As Davis put it, “We couldn’t really work on strategy and execution until we figured out how to operate as a leadership team.”

Davis knew an offsite or a team-building experience would be immensely beneficial for the team. Unfortunately, nearly all the leaders were skeptical. They didn’t see a problem and felt spending several days working on leadership and teaming was a waste of time when there was so much to be done.

The Solution

Davis believes the key to the offsite was that BOxD initially spent time with each of the leaders to get a good understanding of what drives them. By gaining a thorough understanding in advance, BOxD was able to create an agenda with a solid strategy tailored to the individuals and dynamics of the team.

Davis knew if things didn’t start off well, the entire agenda would need to be shifted. Because the BOxD consultants are so highly skilled and experienced, they are able to pivot when necessary. This ensured the offsite would run smoothly and be extremely valuable for the group.

Davis could see the skeptics come around one by one. By the third day, every leader could appreciate the value of the offsite. They started talking about where to make changes and what they were going to do from a strategy perspective. On day four they started talking about the execution of the strategy

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BOxD did a good job of intertwining the activities without the team even knowing that they were building us together. We were able to break down the walls and quickly build trust in some pretty vulnerable moments.

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In a very short period of time, BOxD provided the right set of exercises so the team could have meaningful conversations about skills, strategy, and execution. This allowed the team to achieve a deeper level of understanding as well as create an environment for collaboration. Because BOxD gained a solid understanding of the business, this organization, and their strategy, the consultants were able to help the leaders make decisions based on their priorities.

The Results

Shortly after the offsite training, Davis’ organization was faced with the company’s largest initiative. This included an intense launch that was important to the company. Success was critical for Davis and the leadership team.

Davis credits the success of the initiative to BOxD and the offsite training. Davis said, “Had we not held the offsite the way we did, and followed the execution strategy the way we did, I actually believe we would have missed that launch, and we would have missed it dramatically.”

Davis noticed right away that the leaders were showing up to meetings with a new mindset. They were more willing to put the company before their own functions. They also engaged more effectively in difficult conversations. People felt safe expressing themselves and were able to get alignment from the other leaders. This mindset shift will serve the leaders well as they move the company forward.

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I don’t think there was one person that didn’t tell me it was the best offsite they had attended.

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Davis’ recommendation to anyone facing a similar problem is to not be afraid to give the consultants feedback as you go along. They will take that feedback and adjust as needed. They will also push back when they think you’re wrong, which Davis feels is also really critical. Said Davis, “The consultants offer a different perspective that we hadn’t taken in. What I liked and appreciated was they were willing to bring that expertise to the table and get us to look at things from a different perspective.”

Because BOxD had the perfect mix of communication, trust-building exercises, and strategy work, the leadership team learned more about themselves and their colleagues while also building strategies for success. With the right people and a good plan, organizations can make meaningful progress that will serve them for years to come. Davis’ leadership team is proof of that. With BOxD’s help, they have become stronger, more focused, and well-positioned for the future.


  • More constructive conversations
  • Quicker, higher quality decision making
  • Fewer dysfunctional behaviors
  • Greater buy-in for changes
  • Successful product launches
  • Increased trust among the leadership team

*Names have been changed to provide anonymity for BOxD’s client.

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