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Meeting Ever

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If you’re a team leader or change maker,
chances are you bring people together.

At BOxD, we know how important it is to nail those big, transformative meetings.
Our consultants have decades of experience leading virtual and in-person workshops that focus on:

That’s why we put together this BEST MEETING EVER playlist. It’s been expertly crafted by facilitation pros to support the goals of different workshop sections and is perfectly timed to keep participants on track.

If you’re tired of hearing Pharrell’s “Happy” at every single work retreat since 2014 (no offense, we love Pharrell), you’re not alone. Read on.

Why is it so hard to get this playlist right?
Some thoughts:

Because meetings are typically about progress, the general tone should be upbeat and convey that you’re doing something significant together. But the music shouldn’t be so happy that it reeks of toxic positivity.

Most songs with lyrics can be distracting. Conversely, many instrumental songs can feel cheesy.

What are the guiding scientific principles
we used to build our awesome meeting playlist?

Break it down for me.
What kind of music do we want for each phase of the meeting?

PhaseWhat’s HappeningWhat We Want Participants to Feel/Do
OpenPeople are filtering into the room. Some are chatting with each other, making small talk with the group or in the chat. Some are checking their phones or finishing up an email.
  • Focused on our time together - Sometimes folks are coming from another meeting and need to shake it off to refocus.
  • Relaxed / positive - Depending on the topic, they might come in with nerves or preconceived notions. We want them to feel at ease from the top of the meeting.
BreaksPeople are taking bio breaks, checking their phones, or chatting with other people. Some may need to clear their mental state from the previous activity.
  • Come back on time! 🙂
  • Reset.
BrainstormingPeople are challenging their thinking and generating new ideas.
  • Creative - We want everyone actively considering all possibilities.
  • Productive - We want everyone generating lots of ideas.
(No Music)
People are narrowing down ideas, with very active discussion.
  • Dissect ideas and think more concretely.
LunchPeople are fueling up on food and conversation.
  • Relaxed, open and positive.
EnergizersWe're waking people up through a series of activities.
  • Awake - It’s hard to come back from lunch! Most will need a boost of energy.
  • Refocused - We're making great progress.
ReflectionPeople are reflecting on the time they've spent together. This typically includes a change they need to make themselves.
  • Introspective - We want them thinking about their personal involvement in the change and how they can make a difference.
ClosePeople are probably tired! For in-person workshops, many will stick around to talk to each other or to the leaders of the meeting.
  • Hopeful, charged and ready to take on the change - Going off in silence sometimes feels anti-climatic.
Download Your Best Meeting Ever Playlist Here!