Recognition and Appreciation Profile: how to make people feel valued

The headlines and global employee data agree – a large number of workplaces are not making their people feel valued.  What if there were a way for leaders to make simple and meaningful changes that can strengthen culture, boost engagement and performance, and reduce attrition – with little to no cost?

Authentic recognition (what people do) and appreciation (who they are) of your team members will make them feel truly valued and respected.  These core tenets of employee engagement are based on personal interactions, not gestures.  Yes – it’s getting to know people!

Knowing what is important to them and how they feel valued can be hard if not done with intention. Our Recognition and Appreciation Profile will help you quickly discover what types of things they’d like to be recognized for, the ways in which they’d like to be appreciated, and how that recognition should be delivered.

Download our Recognition and Appreciation Profile, have you and your team complete it and start seeing morale and performance improve and turnover reduced. The impact of acts of genuine recognition and appreciation can be remarkable!

Download Your Recognition and Appreciation Profile Here