Team Behavior Change Facilitator Guide


Reflect on how team behaviors impact team performance. Collectively and consciously commit to which behaviors you will engage in going forward

Behavior change is hard work. It takes time. It takes discipline, practice, and shared accountability. Some guidelines as you begin your team effectiveness journey:

  • Be comfortable with non-closure.
  • Have compassion for your teammates.
  • Remain curious and open.
  • Approach new behaviors like a scientist, not a lawyer
    – you’re testing a hypothesis to see what new results
    you can get, not collecting evidence for your defense.
  • Respectfully refer back to these inclusive principles
    when you feel a team member is demonstrating
    unhelpful behaviors.
  • Practice, practice, practice – that’s how behaviors
    become habits.
  • Praise and encourage those who demonstrate
    inclusive behaviors. Positive psychology is powerful!
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