Better Organizations by Design
Better Organizations by Design
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How to improve the decision-making process to drive speed and productivity through autonomy

Although it’s crucial for leaders to know how to gracefully tolerate failure, making good decisions is still directly proportional to your organization’s speed of growth and success. Check out this Team Decision Making template.

Your guide to facilitating team behavioral change: what to avoid and how to create lasting effect

Behavior change is hard work. It takes time. It takes discipline, practice, and shared accountability. Read on to learn more about what to stop, start and continue doing using our Team Behavior Change Facilitator Guide.

How clarifying roles for your teams reduces burnout, controls turnover, and increases productivity

Would you like to help members clarify the roles and responsibilities of all teammates, and clearly articulate what they need from others to be effective? Role ambiguity within teams is one of the biggest drains on productivity and morale. Check out our Role Clarification for Teams template.

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