Better Organizations by Design
Better Organizations by Design

Avoid burnout amongst your personnel – how a misalignment in role expectations leads to “Franken-roles” and the quiet quitting epidemic

Aligning on role expectations is a great way to mitigate burnout and improve morale. Here’s how to shine a light on bloated roles to prevent quiet quitting before it starts.

Understanding why strategies fail – how to avoid the pitfalls that hold up progress

Most strategic plans fail. Why? Because people either don’t get it, don’t know about it, or they don’t care. Read on to learn how to take your strategy from “open mic guitar solo” to “symphony orchestra.”

How to spot a quiet quitting problem before it takes over – delivering more clarity to increase your personnel loyalty

“Quiet quitting” describes a workplace phenomenon where people set boundaries around their roles and stop doing the “extra” citizenship stuff around the office. Read on to learn what a leader should do about it.

Power Mapping: your guide to influencing others and navigating relationships to get more done

If you’re conscious about where power comes from and how it flows, you can create win-win solutions for yourself and your people. Download our free Power Mapping Guide to start developing your own custom power strategy at work.

Value/Feasibility template: how to prioritize the most important tasks when you have a finite amount of time

When everything is urgent, nothing is! Help your team prioritize initiatives by weighing the importance of each task against their ease to complete. Check out our Value/Feasibility Matrix Template.

User Manual template: what every team needs to understand to strengthen member communication

Pick your poison: death by a thousand Slack notifications or a 3000-character email sent at 8pm? Just kidding, no one wants either of those. BUT– you CAN help your teammates better understand your work and communication style by sharing your custom “User Manual” with them.

Your facilitation workshop guide to identify shared team values and how to translate them into behaviors

Are you looking to define and align on core values to guide your team’s work and decision-making? How would you like to strengthen and deepen team members' connections to one another? Read on to learn more about the Team Values workshop guide.

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